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Al Masa Steel, top steel structural company in UAE, a Dubai based Engineering Service Company that is project oriented, actively engaged in services related to Movement Joints, Stainless Steel Fabrication etc

With over 13 years of experience, Al Masa Steel ensures your building is protected from cracking and provides wall and floor movement Structural Services that can fit expansion and movement control joints using cost effective and non-disruptive methods.

Engineering Ingenuity, Delivering Impact: Crafting Solutions for Today's Challenges and Tomorrow's Opportunities.


Our Services

Expansions Joint

Expansion joints are crucial components used in engineering and construction to accommodate the expansion and contraction of materials due to..

Tile Movement Joint

A tile movement joint, often referred to simply as a “movement joint,” is a deliberate break or gap left between tiles during installation

Cladding Fixing

Marble cladding fixing refers to the process of attaching marble panels or tiles onto a building’s exterior or interior walls for decorative or functional purposes.

Alum Stair Nosing

Aluminum stair nosing is a specialized trim or molding designed to enhance the safety, durability, and aesthetics of staircases. Installed along the edges of stair treads

SS Divided Strip

SS Divided Strip (Type: L & I) refers to stainless steel (SS) divided strips used in construction and various architectural applications. These strips are typically shaped..

Tile Trim - SS

Stainless steel tile trim is a versatile and durable finishing material used in tiling installations to provide both aesthetic enhancement and practical protection. Crafted from..

steel structural company in UAE

"Engineering the Future, Seamlessly: From Idea Conception to Implementation, We Embrace Complexity, Embodying a Commitment to Delivering Sustainable, Scalable Solutions."


What Make Us Different!

Al Masa Steel experts in the installation of movement joints using the best grades of stainless-steel movement Joint strips that maintain the structural integrity of your building.
Al Masa Steel mission is to be a leading business house in UAE driven by innovative technical solutions, ethical practices & professional management. The company will strive for total customer satisfaction by offering quality and efficient service though its dedicated staff, with a vision to be the market leader in areas of its core competence.

Dedication to providing quality construction, technical and management services to our customers. We will strive to implement a long-term relationship with our clients, based on safety, quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs. To help fulfil this mission, we will treat all employees fairly and involve them in the quality improvement process to insure responsiveness and cost-effective work execution


Our Quality Policy

“Driving Innovation, Building Legacies: Your Partner in Engineering Excellence and Beyond.”

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Steel structural company in UAE Steel structural company in UAE Steel structural company in UAE Steel structural company in UAE Steel structural company in UAE 

Steel structural company in UAE


What Our Clients Say About Us

Jibon Mia Project Manager

We recently renovated our commercial building and decided to go with steel cladding from Al Masa Steel. The results are outstanding! The building looks modern and sleek, and the quality of the materials is top-notch. Highly recommend Al Masa for anyone considering steel cladding

Mohd Mohasin Project Manager

Al Masa provided exceptional service from start to finish. Their team helped us choose the perfect steel cladding for our new project. The durability and aesthetic appeal of the cladding have surpassed our expectations.

Ajoshkumar Kumar Designation

I am incredibly pleased with the steel cladding installed by Al Masa Steel on our industrial warehouse. The product is extremely durable, which is essential for our heavy-duty environment. The cladding also adds a sleek, professional look to our facility.


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